Hungarian Tradition Wednesdays – Lángos!

Lángos - derived from the Hungarian word láng, meaning flame.  Lángos is a traditional Hungarian dish made of fried dough and different toppings. If you like 'em on a pizza, you'd like them on your lángos. Sooo, yesterday was Wednesday! Which means I, like the majority of the class, had only one class that day, which was super early in… Continue reading Hungarian Tradition Wednesdays – Lángos!



Some photos I took of the surroundings 🙂 Pretty colors If you want to see other photos taken by me, I post regularly on my instagram (click the link, or find me by my handle: iamanidhwal ).

Scholarship is here! | Fall Break Plans!

So, in my second to last blog post, I recounted what processes and documents I had to complete by September 21 to have my scholarship payout as soon as possible. But first, a few details. This scholarship is the Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship, managed by the Tempus Public Foundation. The Hungarian government basically gives this state scholarship to people around… Continue reading Scholarship is here! | Fall Break Plans!

Fall is here!

Well, to be perfectly honest, fall has been here for around 2 weeks already. It got really cold and windy all of a sudden on Saturday, September 22, and it's been getting colder in the mornings ever since. Right now, the average highest daily temperature is around 15 degrees, with the lowest temperature being around… Continue reading Fall is here!

A Month in the Making – Summary of September 2018

So it's been a month. I'm only sorry that I didn't create this blog sooner so I could have more posts for the month of September. Seeing as this was my first month in Hungary as a student, there were so many new beginnings for me. This is my first postgraduate degree. This is my… Continue reading A Month in the Making – Summary of September 2018